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  Topic 20th January 2022 -- "The Sea"

From Maxine ....
    A huge subject and many ways to paint it - I have some photos to share by an American artist called Thomas Moran, who was very inspired by Turner. Lovely views of the sea itself but also of Venice and the calm waters of the lagoons. (He is also fantastic on the US landscape, especially the Grand Canyon, but perhaps for another time!) Big waves are dramatic, as are sails and ships.

I also love the life and colours around the waters' edge, from fishermen's kit, nets and pots, to masts and work equipment of a marina. Cottages and huts are always pretty - Tobo Moray and Staithes come to mind. Cliff views from above from Cornwall, Pembrokeshire and Wales, to simplicity and big skies from Norfolk, East Yorkshire and Northumberland. My other favourite sea is the Mediterranean, so glassy greens, turquoises and clear water are fantastic too. The Aegean and Adriatic are also lovely - Especially if we've not seen them for a while.

I will bring plenty of material with me - some of my own paintings and drawings to show how I tackle these different marine scenes but here are a few to start with...

Artists to look at: Laura Knight / Stanhope Forbes - St Ives/Newlyn School
Penlee House - Laura Knight/
Penlee House - Stanhope Forbes

Patrick Heron - Abstracts inspired by the sea and Cornwall
Patrick Heron

Edward Seago - Norfolk and Antarctic
Edward Seago 

Yachts and sailing - Willard Bond (US)
Willard Bond
John Harris, sailing and recently spaceships!
John Harris