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  Topic: 2nd February & 2nd March 2023 -- "Japan Art"

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From Maxine
Here are some options to think about - try searching some of these on Google - prefacing the search with the word 'Japanese':

Country and culture
Costume - Japanese costume/Kabuki theatre, sumo,
Landscape - Spring time, cherry blossom, blossom festival, Autumn, maple leaves, Mount Fuji
Gardens - Tea house, Zen, Kyoto, Minka style houses, interiors, Ikebana flower arrangments
Animals and birds - Macaque monkeys, Tanuki, Tsushima leopard cat, crane, kingfisher, white eyed bird, ducks, geese

Art and techniques:
'Ma' - The space between
'Nihonga' - Watercolour soft edge technique
'Shodo' - Calligraphy
Block prints - 19th Century, flat blocks of colour, highly influential to Impressionists/Cubists in Europ

Makoto Fujimura Japanese/American artist working now - 'Slow art' Nihonga style Website: Makoto Fujimura
Hokusai - Printmaker and illustrator 'The Great Wave' and so many more!
Kawao Tomoko - Shodo artist and calligrapher on a giant scale - BBC Four - The Art of Japanese Life, Series 1, Home, The Way of Shodo: artist Tomoko Kawao

BBC4 Japan Season:
Idents - BBC Arts - Japan, BBC Four Japan Season - Channel Ident 1 Quiet, calm landscape
The cherry tree BBC Arts - Japan, BBC Four Japan Season - Channel Ident 2
Mount Fuji BBC Arts - Japan, BBC Four Japan Season - Channel Ident 3

BBC - Japan - Full listing of clips and programmes

When east inspired west: the extraordinary influence of Japanese art | Art UK - An article to read

Dr James Fox - The Art of Japanese Living BBC The Art of Japanese Life Episode 1׃ Nature (2017) HD Rus.Sub - video Dailymotion

Monty Don - Japanese Gardens - BBC - clip BBC Two - Monty Don's Japanese Gardens, Series 1, Episode 1, Zen Garden