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  Topic 15th September 2022 -- "Greens : Landscape"

From Maxine ....
    The themes to start us off are, 'Landscape' and 'Greens' which go well together I feel! I have attached some images by artists who use greens especially well and also known for their landscape work. These are good for the group to look up and explore further and I'll list them at the end of this email.

Meanwhile, please can everyone bring these or their own green landscape images to work from, along with their favourite media to work with? I shall bring some examples of greens in different media, including watercolour, pastel and acrylic for people to see and shall start the session with a session on mixing greens which I would like the group to have a go at too, so along with the paper or other support for their image for the day, please can I ask everyone to bring either some scrap paper or ideally, a second sheet of their usual paper to learn about mixing and making greens. We'll also have a go at making some quick sketches to get started, so be prepared to be a little experimental!

I think the exercise will serve well as an reference for future paintings.

Please ask if you have further requests/comments - looking forward to seeing you all and some new faces too!

Four artists to look at:

Current: Kirsty Wither / Georgie Young - two Scottish artists working in oil and acrylic - greens are especially lovely
Lewis Noble, Derbyshire / Louise Fletcher, Yorkshire - experimental and expressive response to the landscape
Historic: Paul Cezanne - France / Graham Sutherland, UK - Very different use of greens but very beautiful and full range from deep blue/black greens to very light yellow greens... Plus - Don't forget to go back further to the Van Eyck brothers or other Renaissance artists who make the most beautiful greens - Hans Holbein uses makes exquisite greens!