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  Topic 3rd November 2022 -- "Drawing"

From Maxine ....
    My thought was to think about tone, form and light. Some people mentioned charcoal last time and I have plenty I can bring with me if needed. However, charcoal isn’t for everyone, so I also thought with tone, form and light, it is also possible to work with pencils, (2B, 4B, 6B) pen and ink, graphite sticks and water soluble crayons or pastels. The only restriction is colour. Please can people think in terms of monochromatic or neutrals. Whichever medium they prefer, please bring suitable paper, good cartridge, watercolour or pastel paper or sugar paper for practice. A good sketchbook will also be fine. The size of the paper needs to be comfortable for each individual, some like larger, other smaller sizes and that’s fine. Being comfortable is important with this exercise. Please can people bring erasers, highlighters (white pastel, gouache or ink etc)? I have putty rubbers which I can bring for the charcoal and pastel users. Also, masking tape might be useful to ‘edge’ the paper and hold it firm on a drawing board. People may need to bring one with them, but I have a few which I can bring.
   Finally, subject matter… I suggest no more than three simple objects, such as sea shells, conkers, buttons or jugs and cups. Items that look interesting together from different angles and catch the light. It sounds like a lot but keep it light and simple ideally. Any thoughts from the group gratefully received!

I will also bring one of my favourite books, ‘The Drawing Book’ by Sarah Simblet shown below...