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  Topic 10th Febrary 2022 -- "Africa : People"

From Maxine ....
    Africa as a theme for these three sessions - People, Wildlife and Landscape

Women – African figures in bright costume, or heads and faces as portraits. We will look at mixing skin tones, how to combine colours. This is a great subject for those who enjoy detail and pattern – Clothes are bright and fantastic – lovely headdresses with beads and huge decorated pots for carrying water -
African men are welcome too!

Wildlife – Lions, zebra, elephants, gorillas and apes, hippos and rhinos, cheetahs and leopards – wildebeest and meerkats! Africa has wonderful animals and birds. I thought it would be nice to look at Tingatinga art for this subject - See more below on artist Noel Kapanda.

Landscape and exotic markets – Sweeping deserts with dramatic sunsets to the crowded streets and alleyways of the Kasbah, ruins at Petra, Pyramids and sphinx – There is so much to choose from. Bring photos and magazine photos etc

Bring photos, objects or other inspiration ideally – although I will bring photos as well just in case!

Artists and articles to look at:

Noel Kapanda is a Tingatinga artist, which is a lovely decorative style for all those who enjoy detail. Animals, birds people portrayed with dots and pattern. It originated in Tanzania near Dar-es-salaam and spread as a movement across the continent.

 Thandiwe Muriu, Kenyan artist/photographer

 African artists working today – all subjects and media
Contemporary Moroccan art and artists


Suggested materials: Choose your favourite medium or combination of materials - The subjects are quite complex so it's important to use a medium that you are confident using.
Any material that will help with detail is good for the African wildlife session, along with bright colours! Pens, ink, watercolour, pencils, pastels, felt tip pens are all good.

Make sure that the paints, brushes, pastels or crayons are the right size for detail, depending on size of paper or canvas that you decide to work on. Proportion is key with these. Large brushes for large areas and smaller ones for detail - Seems obvious but very easy to try to paint the whole picture with one brush!

If you're feeling adventurous...you might fancy some collage or print work with some or all of these topics. Collage from old Christmas cards or wrapping paper which are highly decorative could be great here. If you try collage, then make sure that you bring glue (PVA/Pritt Stick) and that you work either on strong cardboard/MDF or heavy duty watercolour paper.

I suggest that you might want to bring a sketchbook or cartridge paper to try out ideas first.

If working from photos, then either L corners for cropping or a mobile phone / iPad to photograph and adjust composition.